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Welcome to Pūmotomoto!

Pūmotomoto is the name taken from the gateway/entrance/door, between the uppermost (12th) heaven, and all the lower heavens including earth, as recognized in Maori traditions. 

You are invited to access our gateway to our online collections of Anglican and Methodist church newspapers, synod proceedings and reports, photographs, memorabilia and manuscripts.  The physical items for most of these are held in our library and archives collections in the John Kinder Theological Library in Auckland, New Zealand.

We are constantly updating the content of Pūmotomoto, in the hopes that we can share items in our archives that are educational, inspiring, and sometimes even entertaining. Take a look around our site, and please don't hestitate to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Here's a selection from our site to get you started: