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Copyright and Reuse

Copyright and reuse

Terms of Use

Pūmotomoto is the digital repository for the John Kinder Theological Library (JKTL) which makes accessible the heritage material held in the JKTL archives.

Archival material is held at the JKTL on behalf of individuals or institutions and conditions or restrictions may have been applied at the time of accession that need to be adhered to.

In respect to the donors and institutions whose material we hold, no alterations or manipulations (cropping, etc) of the image without the permission of the JKTL.

Material accessed on Pūmotomoto may still be subject to copyright and are subject to the following rights categories:


All Rights Reserved / Copyright restrictions apply

The applicable work is still under copyright and permission from the copyright holder must be obtained to copy, share and reuse this material. If you wish to reproduce of publish this material, please contact us.


No known copyright restrictions

There is no known copyright on this material and you are free to use it as you wish. We still wish to be attributed if you do use this material.

We have done our best to identify and contact copyright holders. If you believe we are in error or that you are the copyright holder, please contact us.


Creative Commons license

Creative Commons licenses may be used if the copyright is held by the JKTL and/or the Anglican Church in New Zealand, Aotearoa and Polynesia Te Hahi Mihinare ki Aotearoa ki Niu Tireni, ki Nga Moutere o Te Moana Nui a Kiwa.

A Creative Commons license allows users to share and reproduce the image under the copyright act with attached conditions depending on which license is used.

  • Attribution
  • Attribution - Noncommercial
  • Attribution - ShareAlike
  • Attribution - Non-Commercial - ShareAlike
  • Attribution - No Derivatives
  • Attribution - No Derivatives - Non-commercial

See the Tohatoha (Creative Commons NZ) website for further details on the terms of each license.

Acknowledgement and citation

If you use or copy published material that has no known copyright on Pūmotomoto we ask that you acknowledge the John Kinder Theological Library as your reference source. If you republish any material from Pūmotomoto please link back to the source material on this website.

If you reuse unpublished material (eg. photographs) from Pūmotomoto it must be properly attributed in the following manner:

John Kinder Theological Library, Auckland

[Archive series ref. and item number]

Eg.          St John’s College Class Photograph 1926

                             Series (or archives) number: SJC-28-4

                Item number: 8

Should be referenced as:

John Kinder Theological Library, Auckland


This enables anyone to easily source where the original is held and for us to locate the item.

Commercial Use

If you wish to publish or use an image for commercial purposes, please contact us.


Ordering a high-resolution image

Please contact us if you wish to obtain a high-resolution version of any of the images on Pūmotomoto. A reasonable fee may apply which will go towards covering digitisation and labour costs.

If you have any further enquiries about the material uploaded on to the Pūmotomoto website, please feel free to contact us here at:

John Kinder Theological Library

Private Bag  28907


New Zealand

(64 9) 528 3950